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Twenty-Eigth Twelve Media Agency ltd

We evaluate visual design on the technical and functional aspects of a campaign, developing entrepreneurial projects in different sectors. Our goals are often found in design aimed at new techniques such as Websites, SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Advertising Campaigns on the web.

We guarantee quality of the design and overall aesthetics of each resource associated with a brand, whether printed or digital


Communicate by creating.
We provide companies with qualified advice and highly targeted and exclusive solutions, able to satisfy every need for the image and visibility of their brand and their products and services.


We believe in what we do.

Team spirit, human resources and the capacity for innovation are the strengths that have allowed our web agency to reach a level that can satisfy and satisfy the customer at 360 °.

Why Choose Us


A web agency must go beyond knowing how to create a website. It has to be able to manage the brand at 360°.


The focus of companies is oriented towards social media, paid advertising campaigns, mailinglists and ranking on search engines.


The considerable visibility of the web is of primary importance compared to having a site.


If it was enough to develop a site before, today there are other important aspects to take into account.


Today’s potential customers are now all digitized and want to find the best products and services at the best prices.


And most importantly, their research takes place on the web.


If your company doesn’t use the web as a reference channel, you risk not being found in today’s market.


Creation of Brand Identity
(Corporate Identity).
Naming creation (development and creation of the name of a company, product or brand), logotype (conception and graphic design of naming) and everything that characterizes the company.

  1. Brand strategy and design
  2. Graphic design for digital and printing


Creation of mobile sites
user-friendly, with responsive or adaptive structures, adequate content and easily loadable resources even with low connectivity.
Websites and e-commerces with the use of the most famous cms.

We develop  IOS Apps and
Android Apps in line with the latest technologies.

Through a communication strategy, an analysis of the objectives and the positioning target we promote companies, people and products whose knowledge we want to expand to a wider target, using different methods necessary for the correct positioning.
Social Network, Video sharing,  Deep linking, Blog, Banner and more.

Increasing the flow of visitors within a website is important if not fundamental. SEO positioning and SEM campaigns are among the many types of investment that lead the user to click.
All through site optimization and paid campaigns to be commissioned by Google.

Other services

  1. Data integration

  2. Software development

  3. Search for user experience, strategy and design

  4. Graphic design for digital and printing

  5. Photography and video production

Would you like to see our work?

You can view our case studies and if our activity is interesting for the realization or restyling of your website, to take care of your brand identity or to collaborate in the development of projects: contact us without obligation.